Container system

Office and sanitary containers can be combined into container sets.


Container types

Standard colours – exterior:
RAL 5010 – gentian blue
RAL 9002 – grey white
RAL 9010 – white
RAL 7035 – light grey
RAL 9006 – white aluminium (silver)

Other colours from the RAL colour chart for a fee – RAL COLOUR CHART

Interior – laminated chipboard – light oak or white
Insulation – optional insulation of containers in widths of 60/60/100 or 100/100/100 mm (wall, floor, roof).



– Short construction time
– Turnkey manufacture according to our customers’ requirements
– Easy disassembly and re-assembly at another location
– Interconnection and stackability of containers
– Easy transport
– The system allows the functional, efficient, economical, cheap and quick building of short-and long-term special-purpose premises


Optional equipment

– Zinc-plated stairs with landing
– Zinc-plated terrace
– Tailored roof from LEXAN


Possible uses

– Temporary offices
– Office building
– Working space
– Construction site offices
– Quarters
– Kindergarten