Office container

The widespread use of our office and accommodation containers.

Container types

Below you can find our range of office containers.

Standard colours – exterior:
RAL 5010 – gentian blue
RAL 9002 – grey white
RAL 9010 – white
RAL 7035 – light grey
RAL 9006 – white aluminium (silver)

Other colours from the RAL colour chart for a fee – RAL COLOUR CHART

Interior – laminated chipboard – light oak or white
Insulation – optional insulation of containers in widths of 60/60/100 or 100/100/100 mm (wall, floor, roof).


kontajner_schafy_kancelarsky_K1 kontajner_schafy_kancelarsky_K2 kontajner_schafy_kancelarsky_K3 kontajner_schafy_kancelarsky_K4 kontajner_schafy_kancelarsky_K5 kontajner_schafy_kancelarsky_K6 kontajner_schafy_kancelarsky_K7 kontajner_schafy_kancelarsky_K8 kontajner_schafy_kancelarsky_K9


– Panel system of containers – interchangeable wall elements
– Robust steel frame of containers with lifting eyes according to ISO standards
– Possibility of immediate transportation
– High-quality thermal and sound insulation
– Long life of the container
– The container frame is coated with a two-part paint and the exterior sheathing is made from galvanised profile sheet
– Each container is certified

Optional equipment

  • Rasterised lamp
  • Air conditioning
  • PC/phone socket
  • Small kitchen
  • Security features (window and door bars)




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Possible uses of containers

– Offices
– Accommodation
– Changing rooms
– Lounge
– Porter’s lodge
– Construction site
– Sales stand
– Dining room
– Recreational house
– Humanitarian aid